We provide Agro Chemical Inputs, Fertilizers and Also Experts in Building and Construction works.

We believe in Quality, Trust and partnership!

We see our customers as partners whether big or small come on board and let’s grow together.

We have all kind of Products such as NPK 23-10-5 (Actyva), Urea/ Amidas, Sulfan 4. Sulphate of Ammonia, Agro Chemicals All kinds of Weedicide that's selective and  non Selective (KODEM) , and All kinds of Insecticides Contacts and systemic.

About us SPK Kopas Ltd

About us

SPK KOSAP LTD is a vibrant company that provides services such as Agro Chemical input Distribution, Building Construction/ Civil engineering, Electrical Installation, and Supply’s.


agro chemicals SPK Kopas Ltd

Agro Chemical Products

We work with a wide best brands in the Agro Chemical industry to supply the best for our clients.
electrical installation and distribution SPK Kosap Ltd

Electrical Installation & Supply’s

We have the best and experience engineering team to help in Electrical Installation and supplies.

Building construction SPK Kopas Ltd

building construction

We do building construction with best techniques for construction building for all industries.

our Objectives

Our objective is to provide quality services to our clients in the construction/ Engineering field and a timely distribution of fertilizer and improved seeds to retail shops and farmers across the country to achieve food security.

Our Partners